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American Builders Network was established in 1996 with a two-fold mission.
To help home buyers find and do business with well-established builders --- those builders who are best able to provide a fulfilling home building experience.
To help homebuilding pros expand their market reach by gaining exposure to relocating home buyers who use the Internet to search for their home builder and to level the playing field by letting local builders reach the National Market without a multi-million dollar advertising budget..

This is Kay Hudson. Her interests include reading, music, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite pastime is taking moonlight boat trip on Central Florida's Wekiva River. Kay Hudson Having worn several hats in Florida's construction and real estate industry for over 20 years, Kay felt she was in a great position to help home buyers find really good builders to work with.

Kay established as a consumer resource in 1996 in answer to her question, "What can I do to help?" Millions of home buyers and hundreds of home builders have benefited from her efforts.

Some of the lessons Kay had learned and wanted to pass on to buyers were:
• When a builder has many years of experience under their belt, they tend to build better quality, provide top-notch customer service and weather the ups and downs typical in the new home market.
• Not all states have builder licensing laws but where they do, they are a good thing for consumers! They assure home buyers that the builder is a professional and they give consumers recourse in the event the builder does not live up to expectations.
• Big isn't necessarily better. Well-managed, local & regional construction companies often provide the very best home building experience.

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